Face reality and stop living that fake life.

Face reality and stop living that fake life.

We all have rights to our own opinions isn't it; please just stop pretending for once, let your mind be at rest, stop living that fake lifestyle.

I have always wanted to open a blog/forum whereby I can inspire or motivate people. I hate when people say you have to live your life a certain way; for example friends complaining about you not calling them, you are not doing this, you are not doing that; why? you can't force friendship that's a fact.

I rather live a simple life with few trustworthy friends and my lovely family. I prefer to have just one friend who doesn't have time for gossips and drama. There are so many people out there with fake everything, fake vocabularies, borrowing words from dictionary they cannot spell. Just be real and be simple that's all it takes.

Live a simple life stop worrying about what others say about you, people talk whether you are good or bad, let them say, they didn't create you in the first place; Almighty God did.

When you do the right thing as long as it's Godly, God will continue to bless you more. Stop living a fake life and be yourself, be good to people, be positive and stay bless.

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