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I am 80% An Introvert and 20% An Extrovert

I just like to keep things simple and straightforward, I don't say much and I don't party that much too, but very intelligent; well so they say,😊 I express my thoughts and feelings through my quotes, I am easily inspired and I love to inspire others, basically through my life experiences.

I am 80% an introvert and 20% an extrovert, I do enjoy a nice party with my families and friends once in a while; well it depends anyway. I can't force myself to socialise with anyone if I don't want to, I think it depends on one's personality, well said! end of stories.
One thing I hate in my entire life, is people lying to me, especially to my face. It makes my body cringe.

The truth hurts but when you lie over and over again, it makes me mad. I dislike liars and hypocrites. (sorry people I type as I speak). Some of these people don't change at all, but find a new way to lie again.
The Bible says:

"Then you will say the truth, and the truth shall set you free" John …