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Stop living beyond your income.

Why do people like to live beyond their incomes. Why can't you cut your coat according to your size. Living beyond your capacity will lead you to your downfall.

You have a friend that wears designer clothes, drives an expensive car and you want to "feel among" that's called stupidity.

This is actually common among the girls or ladies, you want to buy expensive makeup you can't afford, designer bags, Brazilian weaves, even the guys too; expensive designer trainers, Range rover sport cars etc why? and if you can't afford it, so what's next well you can answer the question yourself. 
If you can afford it fine, but don't go begging for money to feed yourself or borrowing money to pay for your car insurance, house rent etc.

Work Hard To Become Your Own Boss and Stop Living Beyond Your Income!
If you can paint, learn to paint well. If you can cook, learn to cook well.If you fix things, learn more about it or go back to school, just do something about it. …