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Ladies Stop Exposing Your Body; Please Dress Decently.

There are so much CRAZINESS in this world, the most annoying thing is whereby young girls or ladies these days are dressing so stupidly and inappropriately crazy.

This world is turning upside down and no self control at all. I remember back in the days; when I used to be so shy of wearing an ordinary trouser because it was literally meant for men especially ladies brought up in West African countries.

I find it so uncomfortable showing cleavage, honestly come to think of it; who are you impressing? Do you think showing boobs is going to get you a husband, well if that's what you think that's total rubbish.

I am directing this particular post towards female; please cover your chest, be comfortable, be real. I know we all have rights to our own body or opinions, am just keeping it all real.Most men out there want a decent girl to get married to and indecency will get you nowhere.

I am NOT judging or implying that a decent lady cannot be disappointed by men that are very stu…