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Marriage Is the Hardest Job in the World.

Marriage is meant to be a beautiful thing, well when you find the right spouse meant for you only, but sometimes there are ups and down, but what's meant to be would be. It's not about getting married young in your twenties. It is what makes a happy married life. Money cannot buy you love.

Marriage is the hardest job in the world. It takes the grace of God for an everlasting marriage. Please am begging make sure you seek God thoroughly before making that commitment, which is going to be a stepping stone in your life.

Don't get married because your mates are or because you are getting older, please just be patience OK. Many homes are broken due to rushing into marriages or due to infidelities; husband committing infidelity, wife committing infidelity but why? Lack of self respect, rubbish nonsense.

If you are not ready for marriage, please stay single until you are ready don't be forced into it.

My three 3 Goals for a better Marriage:

1. Seeking God

2. Commitment