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Brazen Rat Attacks Dublin Youngster Right outside Her Front Door.

A teenager is afraid to go back to her own home after a large rat attacked her as she stood outside her front door in the middle of the day.
The unfortunate 14-year-old was bitten on the foot as she waited for her mam to return home to their city centre flat.

Edel, the girl's mother, says residents at Matt Talbot Place in Dublin 1 are under siege as enormous, aggressive rats roam the block's balconies, stairwells and walkways.

The filthy rodents, some of which are so big "you could put collars and leads on them", have become so brazen they don't even move out of the way when people approach them.
Edel told 98FM Dublin Talks' Adrian Kennedy her daughter had just popped her head outside the front door of her flat to see how far off her mam was.
She recalled: "I rang her to to say I was on my way up and to put on the kettle. She came out onto the balcony to see how far away I was and she was just standing there, just dancing as she normally does outside th…

Many are called but only few get up to achieve their aims. Stay focus on your goals.

Many are called but only few get up to achieve their Aims. Stay focus on your goals. 💖We Love Sharing, Don't Forget To Share Cheers💖

I Knew My Marriage Was A Mistake Less Than 48 Hours After The Wedding' - Reality Star, Golnesa.

35-year-old Shah's of Sunset reality star, Golnesa ''GG'' Gharachedaghi shocked everyone when she announced her whirlwind engagement and subsequent marriage to Shalom was a mistake less than 48 hours after saying "I do."

What was more surprising was the the announcement that she had filed for divorce just one month later.

In a recent interview with E News, she said, 'we went to a courthouse just to get the paperwork and see what needed to be done in order to get married. And they said, 'You know, if you want, there's a little chapel around the corner.' And we looked at each other and we said, 'F this,' and we just walked into the chapel. I was wearing ripped jeans and a turtleneck, and he was in sweats. Cute outfit, not for a wedding day!"

She continued to say, 'I wanted to throw up. I was just thinking, 'My dad's going to kill me right now. And my mom is going to wake me up and then kill me again.' It was wr…