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No matter how hard it gets, always keep your head high and always stay strong because there are lots of people who wants your downfall, don't ever give them the chance.

No matter how hard it gets, always keep your head high and always stay strong because there are lots of people who wants your downfall, don't ever give them the chance. 💖We Love Comments, Please Don't Forget To Share Cheers💖

Mum Breaks Hospital Record After Giving Birth To Gigantic Nearly 6kg Baby.

A Brazilian mother spent eight days in hospital after giving birth to a baby who weighed nearly six kilos - about half the weight of a gold bar.

Maira Trevisan had baby Gabrielly on September 19, but was not entirely prepared for how big she would be. the scales at a whopping 5.72 kilos or 12.61 pounds, baby Gabrielly broke the hospital's 27-year-old record, which was when the maternity unit registered an infant weighing 5kgs.

The 36-year-old said: "It was a bit of a shock and surprisingly uncomfortable the first day I took her into my arms. I didn't expect her to be so heavy and so long.
"But I'm now getting used to her," she added laughing. The mum, who has three older children, revealed that an ultrasound done two hours before the caesarean section indicated a big baby but her size took medical staff by surprise.
Ms Trevisan said: "The doctor told me he had never done an ultrasound of a child so big.
"In fact, he underestimated just how big she…

Woman Who Produces 1.75 Gallons Of Breast Milk A Day, donates 700 Gallons To Charity

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra has been called a super producer, a pumping queen and even a milk goddess. But this Oregon mother of two calls herself something a little more humble: “I’m a mom with a gift.”

Her ability is producing and pumping vast quantities of breastmilk that she donates to help babies in need. Since February 2015, she’s donated more than 78,000 ounces — that’s 609 gallons — of breastmilk, and has nursed her two daughters.

“I think that everybody should, in order to have that sense of community, be active in their community,” Anderson-Sierra, 29, told TODAY. “This is what I do. This is the gift I’ve been given. This is the gift that I can share.”

Anderson-Sierra’s desire to help save lives goes back to her time in the Coast Guard, when she was trained in search and rescue, and as a longtime blood donor. When she became pregnant and had to stop donating blood, she researched breastmilk donation.

“I had no idea how my body would react,” she said. “I had the mindset that I…

The 1000 Year Old Chinese Bowl That Has Been Sold For $37million

A small but highly important ceramic dish from Imperial China sold for a world record £28 million ($37.7 million) in Hong Kong yesterday.

The ‘virtually unobtainable’ brush washer is around 1,000 years old and was commissioned by the imperial court during the Song dynasty.
It was made by Ru guanyao, which is one of the most revered of the Five Great Kilns used during this period.

The dish, which has a diameter of just 13cm and would have been used to clean brushes, has a glowing, intense blue-green glaze and ‘ice crackle’ pattern.

It was offered by Sotheby’s with a guide price of £10 million ($13.24 million), but there was a fierce 20-minute bidding war and the dish eventually sold to an anonymous bidder for £28 million ($37.7 million).

The auction house said the person behind the winning proposition wishes to remain anonymous, it’s unknown whether the buyer is from China mainland or elsewhere.

The price paid for the dish in Hong Kong is a world record for a Chinese ceramics piece, bea…