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Vivienne Westwood, Fashion Designer, 76, Says Bathing Once A Week Is The Secret To Her Looking Young.

The 76-year-old fashion designer advised that people shouldn't 'wash too much' - before her husband Andreas Kronthaler, 51, revealed that she 'only takes a bath every week'.

Kronthaler, who is also a fashion designer, then went on to joke that he only washes 'once a month'.
Achieving eternal youth may not be as difficult as one imagines, according to the fashion designer and environmentalist Vivienne Westwood.

This weekend the 76-year-old queen of punk revealed her secret to staying young: have a bath only once a week. Westwood’s confession came after reporters asked her about her youthful appearance while she watched the show of her husband, Andreas Kronthaler, at Paris fashion week. Westwood smiled and said: “Don’t wash too much.”Kronthaler interjected: “She only takes a bath every week. That’s why she looks so radiant … I only wash once a month.”

Westwood, who has campaigned against the meat industry depleting water supplies, previously said: “I just w…

Mum's Nightmare When She Was Forced To "Buy" Her Own Daughter After She Was Abducted & Offered For Sale.

In a shocking development, a mother was forced to buy back her own daughter after the innocent girl was abducted and sold off online.The mum has described the harrowing moment she was forced to "buy back" her missing 13-year-old daughter after she was s*x trafficked and offered "for sale" on a classifieds website...

Kubiiki Pride, 39, from Atlanta, Georgia, found her little girl - who cannot be named - on the escorts section of U.S. buy and sell website nine months after she'd disappeared.

She had sneaked out of the family home with friends to go to an end-of-school party in April 2009, but ended up in the hands of a female trafficker, who brought her into a "life of hell".

The woman who trafficked Kubiiki's daughter was caught and sentenced to five years in prison, but shockingly the Backpage advert featuring explicit photos of her remained online.

In 2011, Kubiiki sued the organisation, arguing that Backpage was facilitating child s*…