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Don't Think Too Much About The FUTURE, It Brings STRESS and FEAR. Relax, Work Hard and Your SUCCESS Shall Come To PAST.

Don't Think Too Much About The FUTURE, It Brings STRESS and FEAR. Relax, Work Hard and Your SUCCESS Shall Come To PAST.
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Meet the King That Marries Every Year, He Recently Married a 19-Year-Old Girl as His 14th Wife.

Mswati III, the current King of Swaziland and head of the Swazi Royal Family has married a 19-year-old girl as his 14th wife.

According to Buzz SA, King Mswati’s new bride, 19-years-old Siphelele Mashwama is the daughter of Jabulile Mashwama, a Swaziland Cabinet Minister.

Siphelele Mashwama who graduated from Swaziland’s Waterford Kamhlaba World University College is currently in the United States with King Mswati, who is attending the United Nations general assembly.

However, it’s a common tradition in Swaziland for the king to choose a wife every year. Last year, the King picked a new bride during the well-known Reed Dance ceremony, also known as Umhlanga.

The Reed Dance ceremony is an annual Swazi and Zulu tradition held in August or September. In Swaziland, tens of thousands of unmarried and childless Swazi girls and women travel to Ludzidzini to participate in the eight-day event and would-be brides are publicly checked to ascertain that their virginity was still intact.
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Woman Who Suffered 18 Miscarriages in 20 Years Achieves Her Dream of Becoming a Mother At 48

A woman who suffered 18 miscarriages after her own body rejected her pregnancies had revealed her joy at finally achieving her dream of becoming a mother at 48.

Louise Warneford and her husband, Mark, 55, from Swindon, endured countless rounds of IVF – costing around £80,000 – over 16 years before a specialist finally found the reason behind her miscarriages.

After coming close to giving up in 2010, the couple agreed to have one final try after a doctor told them a donor embryo might be successful, and Louise gave birth to a healthy baby boy, William, at 37 weeks.

The breakthrough came in 2015 – when doctors identified that she had ‘killer cells’ which meant her own body was destroying her embryos.

Although Louise and Mark say people sometimes mistake the couple for baby William’s grandparents, they are over-the-moon to finally have a child of their own.

Louise explains: ‘Mark and I had been trying for a baby since I was 32. We’d suffered 18 miscarriages and spent £80,000 but looking…