My Heart Melted

My Heart Melted

I missed lectures for
3 days. I was indisposed.
He missed me. He lost
concentration. He was sad.
Where is she? He asked the
one of the students.

I haven't seen her for days.
Oh yeah, she has been ill.
Really! He called me later
in the afternoon."I heard you
are ill," I was going to call you,
but I was worried your parent
might pick up the phone. 

How are you feeling? he asked. 
A bit sickly I said. He was so
sweet on the phone, We met
again in school three days after
I felt a bit better.

was shocked he suprised me 
with a gift basket. He was so 
sweet, my heart melted, I opened
it. wow!!! box of chocolate and

I was really shy, when he finally
asked me out, we went out on a
date few weeks after. After dinner
he dropped me home then we hugged
good bye.

I got home thinking about him.
I now have a boy friend "my first
boy friend". I couldn't believe it.
I was really scared to tell my parent
about him. I slept like a baby that
night. "o yea sweet dreams"

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