Single Mother Sacrificed A Lot To Get Her Disabled Son Into Harvard Law University

Single Mother Sacrificed A Lot To Get Her Disabled Son Into Harvard Law University

There is nothing greater than a mother’s love and this mother is proving it with her courage and sacrifices. The story hails from China where a mother named Zou Hongyan was advised to give up her child while she was pregnant as the child was unhealthy and the delivery was also very complicated. His husband also wanted her to terminate the pregnancy but instead, she stood still on her decision and decided to give the birth to the child. As expected, the child was born disabled but this mother crossed every barrier for her disabled son and now he is studying in Harvard Law University.

Ding Ding who is Zou’s son, suffered from suffocation while he was in her mother’s womb. And that is why she was advised by the doctors to abort the baby as the baby will not be able to live a healthy life and will be permanently disabled. Her husband also wanted her to abort the child as he will be more of a burden to the family. But Zou’s heart never allowed her to abort the child so she decided to keep it. After that, her husband divorced her.

After her divorce, she did multiple jobs in order to feed herself and her son. His son had a problem in walking, talking and thinking in his initial days but she didn’t lose her faith and was continuously trying to get him better. She regularly used to make her practice various brain riddles, quizzes to enhance her intellectual abilities.

Soon he started getting better. In 2011, Ding Ding graduated from the Perkin’s University and after that did masters from there too. But he was not satisfied with it and wanted to learn more. So he worked very hard for getting into Harvard Law University. Not just him but his mother too had sacrificed a lot in order to get his disabled son into Harvard Law University and finally he did it. This story is the perfect example of a mother’s love and her sacrifices that is truly unmatchable in this world.

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