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Katie Piper’s Instagram’s 10 Years Challenge Teaches Us A Valuable Life Lesson

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#10yearchallenge don’t let this challenge create anxiety within you about ageing- it’s an absolute privilege. 1st pic me age 25 year of 2009 in my mums kitchen. 2nd Pic is me age 35 last week in my own kitchen 2019! #lifeisprecious #health #humanbodyisamazing A post shared by K A T I E P I P E R (@katiepiper_) on Jan 15, 2019 at 2:45pm PST
Katie Piper has given her own take on the viral '10 year challenge', sharing a valuable life lesson with her followers in an uplifting Instagram post.
Your social media feeds have probably been inundated with throwback snaps side-by-side with current shots from people you're following in recent days, showing how they've aged over the past decade - and you might have taken part in it, too.
While it might just seem like a bit of fun at first thought, for some the challenge brings with it its own set of anxieties, something which Katie hammered home in her own post.

"#10yearchallenge don't let this c…

I cry for being sad.

I cry for being sad.
I cry at my pain.
I cry when I remember how happy I used to be.

I cry as I heal gradually.
It's ok I will be fine.
I'm still learning.
God heals and he's here now.